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Welcome to the current home of my writing. Since my provider decided that the internet wasn't the place for personal homepages I had to find a new home for the stories. This may be a temporary home, or it might not. We'll see how it goes.

At the moment this site will be hosting my writing. There're some full-length novels in the stories section all in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. This content will be being fleshed out as I get around to transferring them and doing some formatting work to get the previews presentable. They're also up for sale on Amazon, so if you enjoy them you might want to consider buying as well.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Okay. Not Dead. Yay.

Just putting that out there. I was thinking I might be able to get Lies in Red Leaves finished off with one more post. That didn't quite work out: there's more to close off than I initially figured. So there will be a penultimate update coming Very Soon™, and then a final one after that. Not an entire year after it - the timeframe should be more reasonable.


  1. Hurray!CTK would be also good.Promising work.Take care!

  2. Huzzah! I've been holding off reading until the whole thing was finished, so I can't wait to see if finished!

  3. Awesome! I actually red LOSW and SOOF for a second time and had started to reread LIRL. I'm stoked and interested to read a new ending!