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Welcome to the current home of my writing. Since my provider decided that the internet wasn't the place for personal homepages I had to find a new home for the stories. This may be a temporary home, or it might not. We'll see how it goes.

At the moment this site will be hosting my writing. There're some full-length novels in the stories section all in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. This content will be being fleshed out as I get around to transferring them and doing some formatting work to get the previews presentable. They're also up for sale on Amazon, so if you enjoy them you might want to consider buying as well.


The layout and content in here is to be improved and updated.

  The Human Memoirs:

A human soldier is catapulted into a word where evolution took a very different turn. Alone in this new world, there is only one person who calls him friend, and she is far from human.




They'd been wondering if there was intelligent life out there. Finding it came as a bit of a shock. Work in progress set in the Godsend universe.

   Light on Shattered Water: 

The First Novel in the Life of Riley series.
When Michael Riley took time away from his workstation screen he was looking forward to a quiet break in the Vermont countryside. The last thing he was expecting was finding himself in an America where humans had never evolved; in a land where greed and intrigue and betrayal are as common as ever.


   Storms Over Open Fields:

The Second Novel in the Life of Riley series.
How much of a difference can one individual make? Sometimes perhaps too much.


  Lies in Red Leaves:

The Third Novel in the Life of Riley series.
Updated 23 December 2021 
Politics is a delicate game at the best of times. Playing that game in an alien world where assassination and blackmail are just tools of the trade and the price of failure is war, well, that just makes it more interesting.

Lies in Red Leaves PDF

 Stand in Stone Circles:

The Fourth Novel in the Life of Riley series.
Updated 23 December 2022
They say it's good to keep your enemies close, but in reality that might not be such a great idea. As the world changes, plans that have been made have to change too. Old alliances are re-thought and new endeavors undertaken as nations maneuver for favor and position in the coming age. And through it all, who can you trust? 

Work in Progress

  Catch the Knife:

A fragment set a hundred years after the events in Shattered Water. Absolutely no idea if/when it might be finished.

Catch the Knife sample